Real Estate

A long-term, value-add approach to real estate.

Our Approach

Wille Finance pursues a value-add and opportunistic approach to its real estate strategy. Our entrepreneurial mindset allows the team to look into assets of all types: from commercial to residential, from portfolios to plots.

We aim to enter Real Estate markets that are under-valued to find high-yielding opportunities. After converting the buildings from value-add / opportunistic to core, they are either maintained long term in the portfolio or sold.

Screening over 400 opportunities per year, Wille Finance focuses only on investments that fit this unique strategy and approach.

Our Focus


Main European Cities


Value-Add / Opportunistic


Office, Hotels, Logistics, Residential, Plots, Portfolios, Retail (-Shopping Centers)


CHF 5'000'000 - CHF 100'000'000




As a family office, Wille Finance has a long-term vision, with no need to source funding or exit quickly from the investments.


Wille Finance's real estate team runs a lean operation, with a short execution time and managing a portfolio of over CHF 250 Mio.


We always aim to invest in real estate that provides added value. Through a deep & consolidated market knowledge, Wille Finance always achieves its targets regardless of the current market situation.

Case Studies
Rail Side & miLO270

Below you can find a copy of the Rail Side & the milO270 case studies. This reference provides a glimpse into the approach of Wille Finance’s real estate team.

Real Estate Numbers

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Partner With Wille Finance

At Wille Finance we are always looking for interesting opportunities. Get in touch with our real estate team if you have a case which fits our investment profile.

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